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MYOB Consulting
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It is possible to get your computer to record your business transactions simply and quickly. Your computer could be providing you with simple ways to record transactions whilst providing you with informative reports. It can be easy to produce them whenever you wish.

But your computer can also replace or supplement your cash book, provide one-touch invoicing, record time spent, manage inventory, payroll, per hour billing, or just plain save money by providing properly laid-out, accountant-friendly ledger sheets at year-end

Our staff have years of real world experience working with businesses just like yours. They understand the pressures you are under and they are real professional bookkeepers. They have learnt through experience how to make their job and that of their customers' much easier. Anit can fix your computer system rapidly and with the features you require, using landmark products such as MYOB.

Anit offers very affordable prices and provides friendly, personal, and anytime support and assistance.

If you think you might like to make life easier for your business, why not call us for a chat. We can come and see you for a cup of tea and chat about how to improve your paperwork burdens.

Initial consultations are obligation-free and friendly and we only provide services as you need them.

Periodically reviewing the way you run your administration is good practice. We believe that Anit services are an ideal way to do so with a minimum amount of effort. Together, we can acheive maximum return for your business.


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